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MSH: Capitalism not too hot.

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New poll: Capitalism not too hot


A recent poll has people talking. The results of the poll are a sharp contrast to the free-market triumphalism of the 1990s. Intellectuals were declaring the victory of capitalism. In the 1989 book, the End of History and the Last Man, Francis Fukuyama declared that history was over and that free-market, liberal society was the final form of human society, the end point of civilization. Others got a piece of the action too. Post-modern liberal Richard Rorty liked to say that Western liberalism, with all its flaws, is the best that has been offered up by history: The age of ideology is over, or at least it should be. Globalist capitalism, or its companion “capitalism with a human face,” was the new mantra. That was then.

The recent poll implies that most people correctly know that the system as it currently exists is bad for them. The poll, conducted across 27 countries, reports that only 11 percent of people think that free-market capitalism is working well. Of the 29,000 people polled, only one in five think that capitalism is working well.

Almost a quarter of all those polled, 23 percent, think that capitalism is fatally flawed. The majorities in 22 of the 27 countries support a more egalitarian distribution of wealth. The poll shows that the majority of humanity has some sense of their own oppression even if they do not understand their oppression scientifically.

One poll result has been the focus of much commentary: Double digits in the imperialist countries see capitalism as “fatally flawed.” Over 40 percent in France and 15 percent in the US think that capitalism is fatally flawed. This figure is making its way through the First Worldist “left” that stupidly sees the double digits as confirmation of their worldview. These kinds of polls are not new. For example, Max Elbaum, in Revolution in the Air, peddled the same claim about the 1960s. Elbaum reports that 3 million people in the US thought revolution was necessary at that time. However, seeing capitalism as “fatally flawed” or that “revolution is necessary” is not an endorsement of socialism. In fact, nihilism runs deep in First World. It is a good bet that many see all systems as fatally flawed. Although there may be support for social democracy or social imperialism or fascism in the First World, there is almost no support for actual socialism there.

Actual socialism is perceived as frightening by First World peoples for the same reasons that many express their disappointment with the current capitalist system. Most in the First World believe that they are entitled to more privilege, not less. The current economic crisis has resulted in a drop in the standard of living. No doubt that this is reflected in the numbers. In addition, under actual socialism, First World populations will have even less privilege than they do under the current capitalist system. Actual socialism on a world scale entails something close to an equal distribution of the global social product. Under such a distribution, virtually everyone in the First World will see their incomes cut drastically, their purchasing power reduced, their leisure time shortened, etc. After all, Karl Marx wrote that the ruling classes would tremble in the face of communist revolution. The entire First World, almost without exception, trembles at the prospect of genuine proletarian revolution.

There is almost no social base at all for revolution in the First World. It is a mystery to the First Worldist why the First World workers are not lining up for revolution. The First Worldist, like Goldilocks, looks to find that combination of mass line and party building, spontanaity and commandism, agitation and propaganda, hot and cold, that will be “just right.” What the First Worldist utopians don’t realize is that there is no key that will unlock First Worldist proletarian revolution because there is no significant proletariat in the First World. There are hardly any masses at all in the First World. There are plenty of asses, however. Maoist-Third Worldists, by contrast, recognize that since the vast majority in the First World oppose real socialism, revolutionaries in the First World must design minoritarian strategies. Revolutionaries find themselves behind enemy lines in the First World. Real revolutionaries adopt Jacobin strategies appropriate to their unique conditions in the First World.

The same poll asked people how they perceived the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989. Poll results varied greatly across countries. The fall of the Soviet Union is mostly seen as a “good thing” in Europe, and, presumably, most of the First World: 79 percent in Germany, 76 percent in Britain and 74 percent in France feel that the dissolution was a good thing. However, 70 percent of Egyptians think that the fall of the Soviet Union was a “bad thing.” And, in Russia, Ukraine, and Pakistan, sizable majorities report that the fall was mainly a bad thing. In India, Kenya, and Indonesia, opinions are sharply divided.

Even though the Soviet Union in 1989 was not socialist, it is incorrectly perceived as both socialist and anti-imperialist by many. The poll results in many cases are, thus, less about the actual Soviet Union and more about the hostility that many in the Third World feel toward imperialism and capitalism. Such poll results can be more of an expression of pre-scientific, intuitive class hatred directed toward the Western imperialists. Ironically, the revisionist Soviet Union was imperialist also. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union became social imperialist. Even though the revisionists used socialist rhetoric, their actions were still imperialist.

Capitalism-imperialism has failed to guarantee a decent life for the vast majority of the world’s population. Most people in the Third World barely survive while most people in the First World live in relative luxury. Thus it is no surprise that opinions about the current system and about the Soviet Union would vary greatly. Similarly, opinions about revolutionary leaders also vary greatly between Western and non-Western countries. Stalin is seen as no different than Hitler in the West. However, in the ex-Soviet bloc, Stalin often polls as one of the greatest leaders of all time. It is a good sign that so many in the Third World understand that the system has failed them. It is the job of the communist to transform that basic intuition into a scientific understanding and revolution.



2. Max Elbaum. Revolution in the Air, p. 2

[This article was reproduced from Monkey Smashes Heaven, journal of the fourth stage of revolutionary science, Maoism-Third Worldism]


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In response to my message regarding yesterday’s shameful meeting of the Socialist Alliance Nashua,

An average e-waste processing worker in Guiyu, China earns US$0.30 an hour while the town itself reports revenues of $75 million from processing 1.5 million tonnes of e-waste a year. Eighty per cent of the waste that Guiyu processes comes from the Imperialist parasite First World nations. This worker lives in a polluted hell on Earth.

The average Nashua resident makes $37,500 to $50,000 USD a year, salaried, with a healthcare package, a car, and a home and lives in what is essentially a vacationer’s paradise of a state.

One of these things is not like the other, oh one of these things just isn’t the same~♫

Sorry that the truth isn’t convenient to the continuation of your unsustainable First World lifestyle. Americans are going to need to give things up, not get more. Anything less is revisionist garbage and pig-work.

Comrade ‘simon’ writes:

But what about those first world ‘asses’ like myself who are beginning to see things from a Third worldist perspective?


Comrade, those in the first world who are capable of understanding the world from the perspective of Third Worldism are able to see the world through the eyes of the oppressed. The difference between real Marxists and fake Marxists is that real Marxists have a Proletarian Worldview. They take into account the suffering of the world’s vast majority who live under the boot of Imperialism before opening their mouths to demand more for their privileged lives.

If you are truly beginning to see the world from the perspective of the world’s oppressed, then more power to you. I strongly encourage that you study Maoism-Third Worldism more in depth and begin to build upon that foundation of a worldview so that you can more effectively revolutionize your mind.

Please, check out any of the links on the right-hand side of my website, in particular Monkey Smashes Heaven, journal of the fourth stage of revolutionary science, Maoism-Third Worldism

Socialism in Amerika? Give me a break.

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Workers of the world unite
NASHUA – Workers of southern New Hampshire, unite. A national socialist group, Socialist Alternative, will hold its first local meeting Saturday afternoon in the Hunt Room of the Nashua Public Library.

The meeting, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., will feature speakers from the Boston chapter of the group, and lead by organizer Daniel Keating of Nashua.

Keating grew up in Nashua, and became interested in socialism while he was serving in the military, through reading works by and about Eugene V. Debs, founder of the Industrial Workers of the World and Democratic Socialist presidential candidate in the early 1900s. Keating worked in construction after leaving the military, and is now studying to become an HVAC contractor.

He also is working to bring new life into an old political party, to represent the interests of common working people in ways that he argues the Democrats and Republicans have failed.

“We have horrible voting rates… there’s a huge disenfranchised section of the state,” Keating said. “They are sick of waiting for state and the federal government to come up with some sort of miraculous cure.”

Keating said he believes many people no longer bother to vote not out of apathy, but because the current, two-party system doesn’t represent the majority of Americans, the poor, the working and middle class.

“We’re voting for two competing elites that have their pockets stuffed with corporate dollars,” Keating said. As a society, he said, “We have the material wealth to do what we need, it’s just in the hands of a few people.”

Socialism, closely aligned with trade union, became a widespread movement in the early 1900s, but has since become almost an epithet as the nation’s political center shifted to the right. Saturday’s meeting will serve as an introduction to democratic socialism, and Keating hopes it will sow the seeds of a new political party for the region. In the long run, Keating said he hopes to field socialist candidates for local and state offices.

“We’re going to talk about what socialism is, dispel some rumors and ask and answer questions,” he said. “We’re not the Soviet Union… We’re looking for working- class, real democracy where we can control the decisions and what happens.”

Socialists support universal, single-payer health care, and locally, Keating said, he feels strongly that the City of Nashua should move ahead immediately with plans to take Pennichuck Water Works by eminent domain. “It’s our natural resource,

    (Editor note: No it’s fucking not, it belongs to the First Nation peoples your pig state stole it from)

he said, and the delays seem to just be wasting taxpayer money.

Social Alternative is not affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, though they are closely aligned politically, Keating said.

Obviously the ‘national socialist’ group bit was a mishap by the writer, but in this case it couldn’t be more true!

This really exposes the thinking of the so-called ‘left’ in Amerika: More, more, more for Amerikans while the world’s vast majority, 85%, still continue to live on between $1 and $10 USD a day. Billions worldwide have no access to adequate shelter, water, or sanitation, and these clowns want Amerikans to vote more so that more resources can be allocated to their wasteful and unsustainable lifestyles.

The average Amerikan earns $37,500 USD annually — Socialism? Give me a break.

This article goes out of its way to claim that ‘Socialists’ support universal, single-payer health care, without even bothering to mention that any kind of thing is nothing but white privilege extended unless all peoples, worldwide, are freed from their bonds and their centuries of exploitation healed by universal Communism first.

This is exactly why socialist revolution won’t be coming to your city – Because the ‘revolutionary’ base in Amerika is comprised of national socialists and social imperialists, through and through, even though there are small cells of individuals who truly know the score.

Comrade Shubel Morgan knows exactly what kind of ‘Marxists’ these pigs are: