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Fuck the troops.

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Self defense..

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RAIM-D: Some people push back

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The long awaited sequel to RAIM-D’s brilliant ‘Fuck the Troops’ video!

All credit to the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement Denver

The glory of Nidal Hassan

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“Nidal Hassan is a hero. He is a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people. This is a contradiction that many Muslims brush aside and just pretend that it doesn’t exist. Any decent Muslim cannot live, understanding properly his duties towards his Creator and his fellow Muslims, and yet serve as a US soldier. The US is leading the war against terrorism which in reality is a war against Islam. Its army is directly invading two Muslim countries and indirectly occupying the rest through its stooges.

Nidal opened fire on soldiers who were on their way to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. How can there be any dispute about the virtue of what he has done? In fact the only way a Muslim could Islamically justify serving as a soldier in the US army is if his intention is to follow the footsteps of men like Nidal.

The heroic act of brother Nidal also shows the dilemma of the Muslim American community. Increasingly they are being cornered into taking stances that would either make them betray Islam or betray their nation. Many amongst them are choosing the former. The Muslim organizations in America came out in a pitiful chorus condemning Nidal’s operation.

The fact that fighting against the US army is an Islamic duty today cannot be disputed. No scholar with a grain of Islamic knowledge can defy the clear cut proofs that Muslims today have the right -rather the duty- to fight against American tyranny. Nidal has killed soldiers who were about to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in order to kill Muslims. The American Muslims who condemned his actions have committed treason against the Muslim Ummah and have fallen into hypocrisy.

Allah(swt) says: Give tidings to the hypocrites that there is for them a painful punishment –

Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do they seek with them honor [through power]? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely. (al-Nisa 136-137)

The inconsistency of being a Muslim today and living in America and the West in general reveals the wisdom behind the opinions that call for migration from the West. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold on to Islam in an environment that is becoming more hostile towards Muslims.

May Allah grant our brother Nidal patience, perseverance and steadfastness and we ask Allah to accept from him his great heroic act. Ameen”

– Anwar al Awlaki on Nidal Hassan, a modern day John Brown.

Anti-Imperialist Music Spotlight: Immortal Technique

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Im from where the gold and diamonds are ripped from the earth,
Right next to the slave castles where the water is cursed,
From where police brutality’s not half as nice,
It makes the hood in America look like paradise,
Compared to the AIDS infested Caribbean slum,
African streets where the passports an American gun,
From where they massacre people and try to keep it quiet,
And spend the next 25 years tryna deny it,
Im from where they cut your hands off if you make a fist,
And niggaz grow coca cause the job market doesnt exist,
Except slave labour modern day company store,
And peacekeepers dont ever ever ever come here no more,
From where the bombs that they used to drop on Vietnam,
Still has children born deformed 8 months before they gone,
Im from where they lost the true meaning of the Qur’an,
Cause heroin is not compatible with Islam,
And niggaz know that but grow that poppy seed anyway,
Cause that food drop parachute does not come everyday,
Im from where people pray to the gods of they conquerors,
And practically every presidents a money launderer,
From where the only place democracy’s acceptable,
Is if Americas candidate is electable,
And they might even have a black president but hes useless,
Cause he does not control the economy stupid!

Lock and load your gun where im from the 3rd world son,
Been to many places but im 3rd world born,
Guerillas hit and run where im from the 3rd world son,
You polluted everything and now the 3rd worlds gone.
The water is poison where im from the 3rd world son,
700 children died by the end of this song,
Revolution’ll come where im from the 3rd world son,
Constant occupation leaves the 3rd world torn.

Im from where the Catholic church is some racist shit,
They helped Europe and America rape this bitch,
They pray to white Spanish Jesus whos face is this?
But never talk about the black pope Gelasius,
Im from where Soviet weapons still decide elections,
Militaries like the Mafia you pay for protection,
Catamite sex tours is what the country sells,
And rich white businessmen make the best clientèle,
Im from where they too pussy to come film Survivor,
And they murder Coca-Cola union organisers,
Im from where the justice system esta podrido,
Fuck government niggaz politic over perico,
Rebelde conocido, enterado vivo,
Como otro Argentino desaparecido,
Cause RICO laws dont apply to the CIA,
And motherfuckers make sneakers for a quarter a day,
Im from where they overthrow Democratic leaders,
Not for the people but for the Wall Street journal readers
From where blacks, indigenous peoples and Asians,
Were once slaves of the Caucasians,
And its amazing how they trained them,
To be racist against themselves in the place they was raised in,
You kept us caged in,
Destroyed our culture and said that you civilised us,
Raped our women and when we were born, you despised us,
Gentrified us, agent provocateur divide us,
And crucified every revolutionary messiah,
So imma start a global riot,
That not even your fake anti-Communist dictators can keep quiet,
Fuck your charity medicine tryna to murder me,
The immunisations you gave us were full of mercury,
So now I see the 3rd World like the rap game soldier,
Nationalise the industry and take it over.

Lock and load your gun where im from the 3rd world son,
Been to many places but im 3rd world born,
Guerillas hit and run where im from the 3rd world son,
You polluted everything and now the 3rd worlds gone.
The water is poison where im from the 3rd world son,
700 children died by the end of this song,
Revolution’ll come where im from the 3rd world son,
Constant occupation leaves the 3rd world torn.


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PAO Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the John Brown raids!

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“When John Brown stretched forth his arm the sky was cleared. The time for compromises was gone – the armed hosts of freedom stood face to face over the chasm of a broken Union – and the clash of arms was at hand. The South staked all upon getting possession of the Federal Government, and failing to do that, drew the sword of rebellion and thus made her own, and not Brown’s, the lost cause of the century.”

John Brown needs no introduction for many of you, his actions greater than his name or any part of his character — A man who had the bravery to cast down the privilege of the West and bear arms to enact radical egalitarian justice, who willfully paid with his life in an act of heroic treason against the American settler-nation.

John Brown

Though John Brown was snuffed out by pig forces and his attacks against Amerikan slave-owners quelled, his rebellion still stands today as the very embodiment of class warfare, a single shining beacon of revolutionary light amongst the hordes of bought-off First-World bourgeoisie. His legacy is so great that his very name has become an adjective — John Brown represents the kind of radical leftism that has long been dead in Amerika and the First World in general.


According to his autobiography, when he was asked if white people could join his black nationalist Organization of Afro-American Unity, Malcolm X replied “maybe John Brown”.

So powerful were his actions that even members of the parasite settler nation openly acknowledge his greatness, even if reluctantly in some cases; Biographer Richard Owen Boyer has called him “an American who gave his life that millions of other Americans might be free”, and Stephen B. Oates has described him as “maligned as a demented dreamer… (but) in fact one of the most perceptive human beings of his generation”. Additionally, Louis Ruchames wrote: “Brown’s action was one of great idealism and placed him in the company of the great liberators of mankind.”.

John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry is generally considered to have done much to send the fledgeling occupiers of America spiraling into civil war (1). When Southern slave owners heard initial reports of the attack, they thought hundreds of abolitionists were involved. Even when they found out the raid was small, already they began to fear that his actions would lead to others taking to arms and attempting further slave rebellion. However, history has conclusively shown us that among the population of the First World, there will only be a small handful of men and women brave enough to truly take to action, to do what needs to be done, to end oppression and injustice, and this was precisely the case with the John Brown raids. No reinforcements came. No masses took to the streets. A great man was buried, and his momentum was squandered by the complacence of those who had been bought off by the First World’s bribe-like standard of living.


Today we at PAO call for everyone to honor the memory of John Brown, and to remind those of you in the First World that nothing speaks louder than action — Not even money.

Ask yourselves: When you lie dead in your grave, and your children’s children have inherited your blood-money debt, will people write songs about you?

We don’t think so.

Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave,
While weep the sons of bondage whom he ventured all to save;
But tho he lost his life while struggling for the slave,
His soul is marching on.

John Brown was a hero, undaunted, true and brave,
And Kansas knows his valor when he fought her rights to save;
Now, tho the grass grows green above his grave,
His soul is marching on.

He captured Harper’s Ferry, with his nineteen men so few,
And frightened “Old Virginny” till she trembled thru and thru;
They hung him for a traitor, themselves the traitor crew,
But his soul is marching on.

John Brown was John the Baptist of the Christ we are to see,
Christ who of the bondmen shall the Liberator be,
And soon thruout the Sunny South the slaves shall all be free,
For his soul is marching on.

The conflict that he heralded he looks from heaven to view,
On the army of the Union with its flag red, white and blue.
And heaven shall ring with anthems o’er the deed they mean to do,
For his soul is marching on.

Ye soldiers of Freedom, then strike, while strike ye may,
The death blow of oppression in a better time and way,
For the dawn of old John Brown has brightened into day,
And his soul is marching on.

(1) Daniel W. Crofts, Reluctant Confederates: Upper South Unionists in the Secession Crisis (1989), pp.70 ff.