Crackers will drop a bomb on you.

On May 10th, a middle-aged man carried a can of gasoline and a pipe bomb into the Jacksonville Islamic Center of Northeast Florida during evening prayers and detonated it. Fortunately, there were no injuries to people, though the bomb did damage property.

The surveillance video above gives a fairly decent picture of this man, who is clearly white, middle-aged, and on a mission.

The local news is all over it, of course. reports the FBI investigating it as a hate crime and possible domestic terrorism.

“It was a dangerous device, and had anybody been around it they could have been seriously injured or killed,” says Special Agent James Casey. “We want to sort of emphasize the seriousness of the thing and not let people believe that this was just a match and a little bit of gasoline that was spread around.”

Casey says surveillance video from the Islamic Center shows the arsonist carrying gasoline and the pipe bomb. When the explosive went off, parts of it were found 100 feet away on 9A.

So, a mosque is bombed by a white guy and the bomb isn’t exactly small, but the national media sees no value in reporting it? Really? And yet, that is evidently the case.

Anti-Muslim sentiments in Florida have been bubbling to the surface, particularly after Republican Dan Fanelli’s campaign commercial was aired asking if a man appearing to be from the Middle East “looked like a terrorist.” According to Yahoo News, there were two other ads with even more pointed messages against Muslims:

Another ad has Fanelli saying, “This is a terrorist,” as he presents a “Middle Eastern” man strapped with a “bomb” and wearing what appears to be a dish towel “turban.”

Yet another ad shows two Arabic-speaking “terrorists” constructing a bomb while discussing “martyrdom” and “killing infidels.” The ad also mocks long-standing due process rights such as Miranda warnings and access to lawyers.

These ads air, and a mosque is bombed.


Earlier this month, a similar incident happened:

About midnight last night, the Sikh temple on Locust and East Second Streets went up in flames and was almost completely destroyed.

According to Balwinder Singh, a member of the temple, everything was fine when the temple’s priest left the building at 9 p.m. But by about midnight, the priest received a call about the fire, Singh said. Singh, the priest and several other members of the temple came immediately to the building, where Singh said firefighters were already on the scene and the fire was controlled quickly.

“They did a good job,” Singh said, but added that he received little information from firefighters about the fire. Singh said he was very surprised by the fire. As unexpected as it was, an emotional Singh said members of the temple are not yet sure what they will do going forward.

“I don’t know yet about what we will do,” he said. “It’s just too . . . very emotional . . . all of our holy books, our whole library, that is all burned . . . that was everything to us.”

For now, he said, they are banding together through the difficult time.

“We can be sad together, because what can we do about that. It’s very painful,” he said, wiping off a tear.

Area resident Josh Vestal, who lives just behind the temple, said his home was also broken into last night, in the same period of time that the fire started.

After breaking through the window on his door, burglars stole his telephone, some DVDs and his electric guitar and bass, Vestal said. They also broke his freezer open with a pick ax, though he had nothing of value inside. Vestal said other area residents had had their homes broken into as well.

Vestal was not at home when the burglary occurred, and when he returned home about 12:30 a.m., he said he just caught the end of the fire.

“It was still smoking and flaming, but nothing like these images I have seen on the news (from the height of the blaze),” he said. Firemen were evacuating homes around the area, he said.

“This area keeps getting worse,” Vestal said of the area around his residence.

Vestal said he was not worried about the fire despite his home being just yards away from the temple, mostly because he is on the back side of the building, which is brick.

“I was more worried that someone might have been inside (the temple),” he said.

Make no mistake – A new era of White Terror is coming to Amerika. People of color, protect your children, your families, and yourselves from these Nazi extremists.

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