Don’t get used to it.

Inspired by the revolutionary men and women at RAIMD.

9 Responses to “Don’t get used to it.”

  1. Politics Are Over excellent example of why we refer to the u$ as the “united $nakes of Amerikkka.” The crackers use of snake settler symbolism makes it just too easy!

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  3. John Brown's Ghost Says:

    Excellent Graphic. Comrades. Keep up the good work.

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  5. Oh and happy Victory Day to you! Let’s look forward to more!

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  7. Love the design, Comrade. Would love to help you guys spread third worldism ideals wherever’s needed. Not much of a Dengist, but I understand where he was getting at when it came to Third Worldism.

    Red Love & Salutes!

    • Red salute, Comrade. Thank you very much for the compliments.

      We are actually not Dengists (quite the opposite, he is in my opinion an arch-revisionist) — We advocate a new stage of Maoism, one whose Third Worldism is based on Lin Biao’s ‘Long Live the Victory of People’s War’, encouraging the masses of the Third World to rise up under the banner of a United People’s War to strike down the First World who has been colonizing, oppressing and exploiting them for ages. We work to build a future where the global countryside will encircle the cities of world and take liberation, once and for all.

      I would love it if you checked out our main blog at and got in touch with Comrades there — They excel at theory and would be very happy to engage in conversation with you to address any questions you may have on the Maoist-Third Worldist party line, or even help you get involved.

      • I actually know monkeysmashesheaven. And yes, I was having a bad day the time I wrote that comment. I didn’t mean to say Dengist. I was meaning to say Lin Biao. I understand third worldism from Lin Biao’s perspective, & I agree for the most part, See, I’m an author also, & I’m writing a book right now called “Anger is a Gift vol. 2: The Third World”, which has revolutionary poetry & essays, & I’m also including speeches written by revolutionary figures as well, including Lin Biao, but the one thing I come to disagree with his views is that the entirety of first world people are revisionist. I’m from America, yet I despise what it’s grown to become. I believe that world revolution will have the third world in the front lines of revolution, itself. But when I believe those who live in the first world will participate too. We’ve just got to get them angry enough. A generation of John Browns, of nation traitors. I’m one of them, we just need more.

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