Fuck the troops.

4 Responses to “Fuck the troops.”

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  2. I do not write from a position of ignorance, but rather as a person with military experience and being aquatinted with some of the troops currently in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the last decade or so, I have gone through a metamorphose from being a patriot and defender of America, to accepting Amerikkan, its imperialistic position and population of fat, greedy parasites are root of all problems in the world. There must be a revolutionary movement that transforms Amerikka before it completely destroys the world. That destruction is taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan by Amerikkan storm troopers and killers. There is indiscriminate killing and annihilation occurring all in the name of imperialistic goals. Consequently, whenever I see a flag draped coffin, an IED explosion destroying a military vehicle filled with troops, mangled troops, and the deserving pain they are enduring, I derive satisfaction. Satisfaction in that third world opposition has spoken with action. Support those fighting the imperialistic storm troopers and profoundly shout Fuck the Troops.

  3. It looks like the fucking storm troopers are continuing to get way with murder and other atrocities in Afghanistan. On February 12 there was an incident where the murders killed two pregnant women, a teenage girl, a policeman and his brother. “No one has claimed responsibility (and) A US official in Kabul refused to” say for reasons of national security, the usual cover-up for high crimes and misdemeanors prohibited for any reason.
    This time, survivors were paid off for their loss, but family head Haji Sharabuddin wants justice, not money, and to get it “will….do suicide attacks and (the whole province) will support us.” (US-Committed Atrocities in Afghanistan – by Stephen Lendman)



    These criminals should be handed over to the Afghani and Taliban, and tried as the criminals they are and then executed in public. This is why we must stop supporting these murders. Fuck the troops and Fuck supporting them.

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